Item #2328991 Complete Works of Lewis Carroll (The Modern Library of the World's Best Books) (Modern Library Giants G28). Lewis Carroll.

Complete Works of Lewis Carroll (The Modern Library of the World's Best Books) (Modern Library Giants G28)

New York: The Modern Library, 1936. Tenniel, John. Reissue. Hard Cover. Good / Good. Item #2328991

Reissue, 1966-70 printing. Toledano G028.1, binding G7, jacket Gh. Rear hinge repaired, jacket spine faded, jacket a bit rubbed, ink stamp on front endpaper.

xi, 1293, [2] pp. Contents include: Introduction by Alexander Woollcott; ALICE'S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND: Down the Rabbit-Hole; The Pool of Tears; A Caucus-Race and a Long Tale; The Rabbit Sends in a Little Bill; Advice from a Caterpillar; Pig and Pepper; A Mad Tea-Party; The Queen's Croquet-Ground; The Mock Turtle's Story; The Lobster-Quadrille; Who Stole the Tarts'; Alice's Evidence; THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS: Preface to the 1896 Edition; Looking-Glass House; The Garden of Live Flowers; Looking-Glass Insects; Tweedledum and Tweedledee; Wool and Water; Humpty Dumpty; The Lion and the Unicorn; "It's My Own Invention"; Queen Alice; Shaking; Waking; Which Dreamed It'; SYLVIE AND BRUNO: Preface; Less Bread! More Taxes!; L'Amie Inconnue; Birthday-Presents; A Cunning Conspiracy; A Beggar's Palace; The Magic Locket; The Baron's Embassy; A Ride on a Lion; A Jester and a Bear; The Other Professor; Peter and Paul; A Musical Gardener; A Visit to Dogland; Fairy-Sylvie; Bruno's Revenge; A Changed Crocodile; The Three Badgers; Queer Street, Number Forty; How To Make a Phlizz; Light Come, Light Go; Through the Ivory Door; Crossing the Line; An Outlandish Watch; The Frogs' Birthday-Treat; Looking Eastward; SYLVIE AND BRUNO CONCLUDED: Preface; Bruno's Lessons; Love's Curfew; Streaks of Dawn; The Dog-King; Matilda Jane; Willie's Wife; Mein Herr; In a Shady Place; The Farewell-Party; Jabbering and Jam; The Man in the Moon; Fairy-Music; What Tottles Meant; Bruno's Picnic; The Little Foxes; Beyond These Voices; To the Rescue!; A Newspaper-Cutting; A Fairy-Duet; Gammon and Spinach; The Professor's Lecture; The Banquet; The Pig-Tale; The Beggar's Return; Life Out of Death; VERSE -- THE HUNTING OF THE SNARK: Preface; Fit the First (The Landing); Fit the Second (The Bellman's Speech); Fit the Third (The Baker's Tale); Fit the Fourth (The Hunting); Fit the Fifth (The Beaver's Lesson); Fit the Sixth (The Barrister's Dream); Fit the Seventh (The Banker's Fate); Fit the Eighth (The Vanishing); EARLY VERSE: My Fairy; Punctuality; Melodies; Brother and Sister; Facts; Rules and Regulations; Horrors; Misunderstandings; As It Fell Upon a Day; Ye Fattale Cheyse; Lays of Sorrow, No. 1; Lays of Sorrow, No. 2; The Two Brothers; The Lady of the Ladle; Coronach; She's All My Fancy Painted Him; Photography Extraordinary; Lays of Mystery, Imagination, and Humour, No. 1: The Palace of Humbug; The Mock Turtle's Song (Early version); Upon the Lonely Moor; Miss Jones; PUZZLES FROM WONDERLAND: Puzzles; Solutions; PROLOGUES TO PLAYS: Prologue to "La Guida di Bragia"; Prologue; Prologue; PHANTASMAGORIA: Phantasmagoria: Canto I: The Trysting; Canto II: Hys Fyve Rules; Canto III: Scarmoges; Canto IV: Hys Nouryture; Canto V: Byckerment; Canto VI: Dyscomfyture; Canto VII: Sad Souvenaunce; Echoes; A Sea Dirge; Ye Carpette Knyghte; Hiawatha's Photographing; Melancholetta; A Valentine; The Three Voices; Theme with Variations; A Game of Fives; Poeta Fit, non Nascitur; Size and Tears; Atalanta in Camden-Town; The Lang Coortin'; Four Riddles; Fame's Penny-Trumpet; COLLEGE RHYMES AND NOTES BY AN OXFORD CHIEL: Ode to Damon; Those Horrid Hurdy-Gurdies!; My Fancy; The Majesty of Justice; The Elections to the Hebdomadal Council; The Deserted Park; Examination Statute; ACROSTICS, INSCRIPTIONS, AND OTHER VERSE: Acrostic: Little maidens, when you look; To three puzzle little Girls, from the Author; Double Acrostic: I sing a place wherein agree; Three Little Maids; Puzzle; Three Children; Two Thieves; Two Acrostics: Round the wondrous globe / Maidens, if a maid you meet; Double acrostic: Two little girls near London dwell; Acrostic: "Are you deaf, Father William'"; Acrostic: Maidens! if you love the tale; Acrostic: Love-lighted eyes, that will not start; To M.A.B.; Acrostic: Maiden, though thy heart may quail; Madrigal; Love among the Roses; Two Poems to Rachel Daniel; The Lyceum; Acrostic: Around my lonely hearth, to-night; Dreamland; To my Child-Friend; A Riddle; A Limerick; Rhyme' and Reason'; A Nursery Darling; Maggie's Visit to Oxford; Maggie B-; THREE SUNSETS AND OTHER POEMS: Three Sunsets; The Path of Roses; The Valley of the Shadow of Death; Solitude; Beatrice; Stolen Waters; The Willow-Tree; Only a Woman's Hair; The Sailor's Wife; After Three Days; Faces in the Fire; A Lesson in Latin; Puck Lost and Found; STORIES: A Tangled Tale; Novelty and Romancement; A Photographer's Day Out; Wilhelm von Schmitz; The Legend of Scotland; A MISCELLANY: The Offer of the Clarendon Trustees; The New Method of Evaluation; The Dynamics of a Parti-cle; The New Belfry of Christ Church, Oxford; The Vision of the Three T's; The Blank Cheque; Twelve Months in a Curatorship; Three Years in a Curatorship; Resident Women-Students; Some Popular Fallacies about Vivisection; Lawn Tennis Tournaments; Eight or Nine Wise Words about Letter Writing; What the Tortoise Said to Achilles; The Two Clocks; Photography Extraordinary; Hints of Etiquette, or, Dining Out Made Easy; A Hemispherical Problem; A Selection from Symbolic Logic; Rules for Court Circular; Croquet Castles; Mischmasch; Doublets; A Postal Problem; The Alphabet Cipher; Introduction to The Lost Plum Cake; INDEX OF FIRST LINES OF VERSE.

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